Online Services for Citizens

OpenZaak is an open-source case register API provision platform for municipalities who want to deliver citizen-friendly services online.

More information on OpenZaak

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OpenZaak is a production-ready API platform that implements the Dutch national standard for case-oriented working (also known as the ZGW-API’s). OpenZaak makes it possible for municipalities to offer safe and reliable online services to its citizens. Because OpenZaak relies on the case-oriented working standard, it becomes easier to securely exchange data with other municipalities and / or applications. OpenZaak is open source software. This means that everyone is free to reuse this software or adapt it to their needs.

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Cases, Decisions, Documents and Open Notifications

OpenZaak implements the ZGW-API’s and combines them with a user-friendly management interface. By using the open notifications standard, updates on citizens cases can be published to different systems. In this way, every system is automatically informed about the status of a case.

Catalog & municipal selection lists

OpenZaak includes a management interface for catalogs and municipal selection lists. For example, you can use standard selection lists when implementing your business process and adjust or supplement them where necessary.

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Authorization & Access management

OpenZaak includes an authorization module which helps you manage and monitor controlled access to the OpenZaak APIs. This gives you a central overview of which applications have access to which APIs and data.

API Dashboard

OpenZaak includes an API dashboard that provides insight into the use of OpenZaak. This will give you a better insight into the usage of OpenZaak. This can help adjust and prioritize the handling of cases.

Illustration of person with tablet showing graphs
Illustration of person with tablet showing graphs

Sytem integrations

Because OpenZaak is open source, suppliers can develop OpenZaak system integrations for their document and content management systems. This gives you the freedom to use existing or new applications in combination with OpenZaak. OpenZaak integrates with Contezza DMS and Alfresco, among others.


Q4 2020

Ready for production

Delivery of a municipal neutral version of the OpenZaak software. OpenZaak is ready for production for the municipal participants from the Kopgroep.