OpenZaak has been applied to the design principles of Common Ground, making it quickly, easily and safely available to municipalities in the Netherlands. OpenZaak is optimized for the Haven reference implementation, the standard cloud-agnostic infrastructure used for all Common Ground initiatives.

Common Ground stands for a new, modern, communal information framework for municipalities. In essence, that is the basic premise of Common Ground: a radical reform of the provision of information, which requires a new way of collaboration between municipalities and the market.

Who owns OpenZaak?

OpenZaak is a public codebase and as such, it doesn't have an owner. OpenZaak was initially developed by Maykin Media B.V. and commissioned by the municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg, Arnhem, Haarlem, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Delft and a coalition of Hoorn, Medemblik, Stede Broec, Drechterland, Enkhuizen (SED) under coordination of a Dutch association of municipalities Dimpact.

This community manages the OpenZaak code with the support of the Codebase Stewards from the Foundation for Public Code.

Working together on OpenZaak

This codebase represents a good case of collaboration in between its community of municipalities and vendors, Dimpact and the support of the Foundation for Public Code. The synergy has made OpenZaak available to every municipality in the Netherlands.

OpenZaak is an open source codebase, so everyone can submit suggestions to adapt or improve it. Only by working together we are going to be able to improve two key parameters: customer satisfaction and the quality of online services in our municipalities.

Do you want to contribute to OpenZaak? Read more here and start today!