Using OpenZaak

Since the beginning of 2020, OpenZaak is available for municipalities and developers in the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about how you can start using OpenZaak in your municipality?

For developers

OpenZaak is an open source case register API provisioning backend for municipalites that want to deliver citizen-friendly services online.

OpenZaak implements the national API standards for case-oriented working (ZGW API's) developed by Dutch Association of Municipalities VNG Realisatie. To optimize OpenZaak as much as possible, it must be connected with other systems or components. Some of the current ones are document management systems or specialized systems to handle permits, as well as the case handling component, MyApp or apps for MOR reports.

OpenZaak consists of backend (storage and retrieval) and API (service) provisioning layer (authorization and authentication) for the national Zaak Gericht Werken API.

OpenZaak is further developed in an open source environment by an open and active community of municipalities, vendors and software developers. The community welcomes everyone who wants to participate and contribute to make OpenZaak better. On our GitHub repository you can learn how to get started and how to contribute.

If you are developer and are ready to take OpenZaak for a spin and try out it, below are some useful resources to get you started:

If you are interested in offering your services to municipalities or other vendors working with OpenZaak services please take a look at the community pages. It includes a list of vendors delivering OpenZaak services. You can also read more information on how to offer your professional services to municipalities or other vendors.

For project and product managers

Are you responsible for managing citizen services and cases within your municipality and would you like to help further shape the future development of OpenZaak? Then you can contribute in the following ways:

More information: Presentation about OpenZaak

Every month, the OpenZaak product steering group meets to discuss all new feature requests and decide which features will be further developed. If your feature request is being processed, you are welcome to further explain your feature request in the consultation.

Would you like to participate in the product steering group or would you like to know more about how decisions are made in the OpenZaak community? Please contact us.